Action Equipment Solutions, Inc. (AES) controls engineers have the ability to program virtually any PLC currently on the market today.


AES engineers have experience and proficiency programming the following PLC’s: Allen Bradley PLC-2, Allen Bradley PLC-5, Allen Bradley SLC-500, Allen Bradley MicroLogix, Allen Bradley ControlLogix, G.E. Fanuc Series 1, G.E. Fanuc Series 5, G.E. Fanuc Series 6, G.E. Fanuc Series 90-20, G.E. Fanuc Series 90-30, G.E. Fanuc Series90-70, Modicon 484, Modicon 984 Quantum, Modicon 984 Micro, Siemens S5, Siemens S7-200, Siemens S7-300, Siemens S7-400, Texas Instruments TI 405, Texas Instruments TI 505, PLC Direct DL205, PLC Direct DL305, PLC Direct DL405, Mitsubishi A Series, Mitsubishi FX Series, Toyopuc PC1, Toyopuc PC2, Toyopuc PC3, Omron Mini, Cutler Hammer, Telemecanique, Sharp, and Fuji.


AES engineers have experience utilizing the following PC HMI packages: Wonderware Factory Suite, Rockwell Software RSview32, SE and ME, G.E. Fanuc Cimplicity,Intellution Fix 32, and ThinK n’ Do.


AES engineers have experience programming the following Dedicated HMI’s: Allen Bradley Panelview 550, Allen Bradley Panelview 600, Allen Bradley Panelview 900, Allen Bradley Panelview 1000, Allen Bradley Panelview 1400(E), IDT Panelmate 1500, IDT Panelmate 2500, IDT Panelmate 3000, IDT Panelmate 4000, Digital Proface, Total Control Products, Maple Systems, Exor, Xycom, and Uticor.


AES engineers have experience developing applications and software utilizing the following PC programming languages: C++, Visual C, Visual Basic, Pascal, Fortran, and Cobol.


AES engineers have experience laying out, installing, and troubleshooting the following device level bus systems: Ethernet, Controlnet, Devicenet, Profibus, Interbus S, Seriplex, and Honeywell SD.

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